• Reveille- Fend off the Covenant boarders attacking the ship. Cut off from the drop-pods, you’ll have to take a pelican.
  • Downpour- On the way down, the pelican took some plasma fire and forces the pelican to make an emergency landing (not a crash). The pelican can be repaired, but it needs some new fuses and a few other parts. Crashed life-boats on the other side of the bog should have the parts.
  • Fiddler’s Green- Having returned to the pelican and repaired the damage, you’re all clear to fly to base; except that you’ll have to clear some nearby Covie AA first. UNSC forces are already engaging them, but they need reinforcements badly.

Persona Non Grata:

  • In Media Res- A Covie patrol has set up camp a bit too close to your base, which has gone undetected so far and is currently full of wounded survivors awaiting evac.
  • Flood Plane- Cross the valley and destroy the Covie camp after taking out their comms gear so they can’t call for help. The Flood, in commandeered dropships, crash in the valley, cutting off your way back.
  • Hell Breaks Loose- One of the crashed dropship had a warthog. Use it to fight your way back to camp. The camp has been over-run, but you’ll have to hold out for evac while fighting off flood reinforcements.


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